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Career Change After 15 Years – Writing My Story for the Milton Hershey School

With the support of my husband and kids, I have recently made a career change! It is a bit bizarre, after houseparenting for 15 years, to now be the only one who leaves the house in the morning.

While I still work at the Milton Hershey School, I am now one of the writers for our school curriculum. The curriculum that I am writing is social and emotional learning and character and leadership development. It is a mouthful, indeed, and it speaks to the enormity of the journey I have just embarked upon.

While I feel like this is overwhelming, it really is my life calling. I have grown to be a teacher of children, but I don’t teach academic lessons, (except when I homeschooled by children). But I have always taught life lessons. I am excited to use this journey to continue to tell my own story to a larger MHS audience!

My pursuit of faith is paying off in ways that I never dreamed.

Wish me luck!


As we look to a new year, we can learn a lot from the past…

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I was hit by a car at the age of 8.  It was a cold December afternoon in 1981 and I misread the speed that the car was traveling across the urban street in my neighborhood.  The car knocked me 10-feet in the air and I landed violently on the driver’s hood, then rolled to a stop onto the cold road.  I was knocked unconscious all the while hearing my sisters crying and screaming.  The ambulance took me to a trauma center, fixed my broken leg, my broken arm and the bleeding I was suffering internally.  After three months of a body cast and three more months of crutches and therapy, I became brand new again…on the outside…but the inside of me changed forever.  Our small family fell apart after that, and we have not been the same since…

I write about my journey to healing and the mountaintops and valleys in my book, Faith’s Pursuit: Understanding God’s Faithfulness in Suffering.  To find out more about my incredible journey, download my book from, or check out my Facebook page:

Happy New Year!


NaNoWriMo is on!

I have decided to bite the bullet and write a novel this month! Yes, the National Novel Writing Month is officially in November and aspiring writers are challenged to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days!  That is 200, size 12-type font pages! So far I have approximatey 6,000 words written and I am desperately behind.  But I am inspired by the plot and I think I can pull it off!

~Wish me luck!Image

My Proverbs 31 Girl Turns 12

Korri Faith

My daughter turns 12 on Tuesday and I am hoping that this year ends up being the best yet.  She was a preemie born at 31 weeks after my traumatic 6 month pregnancy bed rest.  Our blessed and miraculous journey is outlined in my book Faith’s PursuitIt is a great read.

I am looking forward to this birthday because I have a treat in store for her that she will never forget.  I want to use this year as a rites of passage for her.  I have a list of some dear women and young ladies that I want to pour into her life this year.  I think she is ready for some sound advice and will take this journey seriously.

She has already secured her first babysitting job, which is going to be a permanent assignment for the school year, 1 day/week.  She took infant/child CPR and First Aid, and went on her first mission trip this summer in Kentucky.  Already she is much more responsible than I was at her age.  But in some ways not.

Because I grew up impoverished with some trauma and loss in my life, I think I grew up more independent than most.  But emotionally and spiritually, I was empty.  I hope to keep directing my daughter on a path that gets her ready for her own independence as she continues to grow spiritually and emotionally.

Here’s to a fascinating year!